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Sharing Your Faith Survey
If I had to pick one reason why I don't share my faith it would be:
I'm not a Christian
I don't want to be rejected
I'm scared to
I'm not qualified
It feels awkward
I've sinned too much
I don't think you should
It's not my gift
I'm too busy
No one wants to hear it

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If you’d like to share a testimony of what happened when you went out to share your faith, have a question about evangelism, or want to contribute one-liners, illustrations and photos from your evangelism efforts, just send us an email or upload your content here.

We’ll enjoy hearing what you have to share, rejoice in your growth, and give encouragement if you’ve encountered resistance. We’ll try to post contributions on line, as space allows, if we have your permission (get permission from everyone in the photo).

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