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Sharing Your Faith Survey
What is the most common objection you've been told:
I don't believe in the Bible
I don't believe in the organized church
What about people who've never heard about Jesus?
Christianity is too narrow
How can murderers go to heaven?
All roads lead to God
Christianity is a crutch
Can God make a rock so big He can't see behind it?
I believe in evolution
Where does it say that in the Bible?
I don't believe in God
There are contradictions in the Bible
If God is good, why does He allow evil in the world?
How can a God of love send people to hell?
There are too many hypocrites in the church

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If you wanted to learn how to fly a plane, you would sign up for flying lessons, read everything you were told, and practice flying under your teachers supervision. Ultimately, the purpose would be to fly the plane. Your final exam, among other things, would probably be to fly a plane by yourself. In a similar way, the purpose of this book is to learn how to share the gospel. If you never share the gospel, this book has no value. This is because evangelism is something you do, it’s not something you learn so you can watch others, talk about, or come up with theories about evangelism.

One thing that distinguishes this book is flexibility. There are no scripts to memorize and there are no outlines to follow. You simply learn the gospel and share it in your own words and in your own way. There are guidelines, suggestions, and strategies, but ultimately you will decide how to communicate the gospel. The goal is to make sure the basics are covered and then depend on the Holy Spirit, as well as your discernment and common sense. I believe this is how Jesus taught His disciples.

This book is easy to read and easy to understand, and it is based on years of sharing the gospel and teaching evangelism. In some ways this book reminds me of a math book, in that there are instructions that explain what to do, examples that show you how, and assignments to do. If you can do the math problems—you can do the math. In a similar way, if you can do the assignments—you can share the gospel.

There are suggestions how to start sharing, how to lead people to Christ, and how to deal with objections. There are illustrations that will give you a multitude of different ways to explain the gospel, and testimonies that give insight how the Holy Spirit often leads believers. Everything is backed up with scripture. God bless you as you prepare yourself to follow the Lord’s command to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

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